All our US M1 type helmet shells come from European military surplus. They are similar in all respects to the American models produced from 1944 with a rear seam, as well as so-called swivel loops. These are military made helmet shells produced between 1958 and 1980 for various European armies based on the well known US M1 helmet shell.

Coque de casque US M1 avec sa texture cork et sans ses jugulaires de casque lourd


The vast majority of our US M1 helmets come from Austrian and Belgian army surplus. These European clones of the US M1 helmet look exactly like the American-made model. Produced and used between 1958 and 1980, they may show traces of use and come from different manufacturers. These are rugged steel shells, intended for military use and now considered obsolete with the arrival of newer hardware. Not to be confused with recent reproductions of heavy helmets. The hull alone weighs an average of 1.2 kg, without its under helmet .

Casque complet avec sous casque en fibre


In order to be as close as possible to the American models used during the Second World War, your helmet is repainted and textured to give it the appearance of the famous "cork". This treatment made it possible to break the reflections of light, and gain in discretion. It is a typical texture of the US M1 helmets produced during the Second World War. Our Vietnam versions are smooth and don't have that famous "cork" texture. We have developed our own method based on original US M1 helmet models.

Casque US M1 de la 69ème division d'infanterie en version Battle Battered


Represent your division, regiment, or unit with the ranks and other distinctive elements of your helmet. They will be painted by hand on the different faces of the helmet according to the period models. If you cannot find the insignia or marking that you would like to appear on your US M1 helmet, do not hesitate to contact us . We will do our best to add the marking when customizing your US M1 helmet.

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