Our Nets

In order to add a touch of personalization and guarantee your camouflage, opt for a US M1 helmet net. Our nets come from European military surplus, or are reproductions if mentioned. Some models are even original, dating from the Second World War.

Gros plan du filet grandes mailles pour casque US M1

Large Mesh Net

You can choose an original large mesh net (6cm X 6cm) of 50cm by 50cm. Typical net cut by US soldiers in nets intended for the camouflage of US vehicles during the Second World War.

Large Mesh Net
Gros plan du filet moyenne maille couleur OD3 pour casque US M1


We offer different types of medium mesh reproduction nets. Models in cotton color ODN °3 or OD N°7 with a size of approximately 1.5 cm per side, and a version in polyester color OD7 with a side of approximately 3.5 cm. The cotton versions will give a more authentic look to your US M1 helmet .

Medium Mesh Net
Gros plan du filet petites mailles pour casque US M1


Our small mesh nets are nets of military origin. Their colors vary according to stocks but they generally have an OD N°3 or OD N°7 shade. Often seen worn by the 1st Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Division, Rangers in Normandy and the 101st Airborne Division during the Holland campaign.

Small Mesh Net
Gros plan du filet crevette pour casque US M1


The shrimp mesh net is of military origin, often cut out of camouflage nets intended for vehicles. Thick and in OD N°7 colour, they will give an authentic look to your US M1 helmet . It should nevertheless be kept in mind that they tend to protrude the under helmet because of their thickness.

Shrimp Fillet