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Mon Casque M1

"Battle Battered" US NAVY

"Battle Battered" US NAVY

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The M1 "Ocean Grey" helmet worn by men who defended the seas and oceans . "Semper Fortis" - " Always Courageous"

At sea, beyond the continents

Whatever the mission and wherever it is, the US Navy is always there to navigate the waters of the globe and strike the enemy. In support of the infantry or as a spearhead, it has never given up on the four corners of the globe.

From Landing Craft to Destroyer

The US Navy sailor never takes off his M1 helmet. From the pilot of LCVP in Normandy, to the supplier of anti-aircraft ammunition on his destroyer, he takes care not to lose his steel hull.

A hull that has seen ground

This steel helmet shell is of Belgian origin (ABL), with a joint of the rear strapping as well as movable chinstrap attachment bridges. It has been repainted and fitted with reproduction OD#3 khaki canvas heavy helmet infantry chinstraps . Painted in Ocean Gray (USN) with its black "USN" front marking, it suffered an impact on the upper right part, but who has never dropped his M1 helmet on the pontoon of his Destroyer?


All our helmet shells are made of steel and come from military surplus. Some of them are over 50 years old. They may show traces of use and age due to storage. Although they are repainted and refurbished, some evidence of their past use remains visible.


Just like the M1 helmets, its shape can vary depending on the manufacturers and the dates of manufacture. Although the majority of under-helmets will fit perfectly (US and ABL), some may protrude slightly. This hull is compatible with our infantry reproduction liners .


Reproduction of a US Navy M1 WW2 hull with its Navy blue color. Patinated version of the Battle Battered range for an aged effect and guaranteed terrain. Receive your unique US M1 WW2 helmet with free delivery from 99€!

Liner Reproduction

Recent plastic reproduction of the M1 helmet lienr Similar to the US M1 model with sweatband, front eyelet and chinstrap in brown imitation leather.

Liner Fiber

Belgian surplus M1 compressed fiber helmet liner (ABL). With sweat band, brown leather chinstrap and neck band. Also has the typical front eyelet of American helmet liners.


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Casque lourd : AcierBouclerie : Métal

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Soldats de l'US Navy sur une plage de Normandie avec leurs casques US M1 avec marquage USN

"Battle Battered" US NAVY

La marine américaine est devenue une force formidable dans les années qui ont précédé la Seconde Guerre mondiale, la production de cuirassés ayant redémarré en 1937, en commençant par l'USS North Carolina (BB-55). La pays a pu élargir sa flotte pendant les premières années de la guerre alors que les États-Unis étaient encore neutres, augmentant la production de navires, grands et petits.

  • Painting "Battle Battered" US NAVY

    La peinture utilisée sur cette version Battle Battered est la même que nos autres casques. Il s'agit d'une teint Olive Drab utilisée par l'armée US entre 1936 et 1944. Les marquages infirmier sont également patinés avec le reste de la coque.

  • Texture "Battle Battered" US NAVY

    La texture du "cork" est écrasée et patinée afin de donner un effet d'usure au casque. C'est un aspect que l'on retrouve sur les casque US M1 originaux.

  • "Battle Battered" US NAVY

    Reproduction de jugulaires de casque lourd infanterie patinées. Elles sont usées et salies artificiellement afin de donner un aspect usé et vieilli à ce ESB capitaine.

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