Le Ceinturon US M-1936

US Belt M-1936, Belt, Pistol or Revolver, M-1936

This cotton belt entered service with the United States Army from the year 1941. Although named BELT, PISTOL OR REVOLVER, M-1936 , the M-1912 belt stocks used during the First World War were sufficient to equip the army between the two wars. The M-1912 model has only a few notable differences from the newer M-1936 model, including the color and shape of the buckle. The method of weaving and manufacturing the canvas will be retained.

Belts US M-1936 colors

Two M-1936 belts in shades OD#7 and OD#3

The M-1936 has a row of 18 eyelets aligned on each side of the belt in order to be able to attach the soldier's equipment to it on the lower part, and the hooks of the various elements on the upper part (Haversack M-1928, Brelage M- 1936).

US M-1936 Belt Early Adjuster Buckle

Welded adjustment loops - Before 1942

Adjustable thanks to the hook and loop system, it is mass-produced with a standard size that adapts to all body types. The loops used before 1942 are welded on the internal part, while the later versions between 1943 and 1945 are maintained thanks to an ergo. This small difference already makes it possible to estimate the date of manufacture of a US M-1936 belt.

US M-1936 belt, adjustment buckle

Adjustment loops with ergo - After 1942

Another notable difference makes it possible to locate the date of manufacture of the belt, it is about the closing loops. They are in brass for the models between 1941 and 1942 then in painted zamak from the year 1943. The "British Made" versions are in painted iron and sometimes have another type of buckle.

US belt M-1936 RMCO marking

Brass clasp - 1941

If you're lucky, the date and maker's code are still visible, stamped on the inside of the US M-1936 belt. Marking may be difficult to read due to irregular belt surface and weaving technique.

US belt M-1936 marking YALE 1944

YALE company marking - 1943

You can find here a non-exhaustive list of manufacturers of US M-1936 belts during the Second World War, as well as their years of manufacture.

US Manufacturers

Maker Date of manufacture
BOYT 1944
BM Co. Inc. 1944-1945
KICO 1942
NASCO 1942-1943-1944
RM Co 1941-1942-1943-1944-1945
SF Co. Inc 1942-1943-1944-1945
YALE 1942-1943


British Manufacturers

Maker Date of manufacture
BR Ltd 1944
BAGCRAFT Ltd 1944-1945
ME Co.Ltd 1943-1944
MW & S.Ltd 1944
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