To create your custom helmet, we offer two types of helmet liners that will fit into the helmet shells. When personalizing your helmet, you will have the choice between a plastic reproduction helmet liner or a Belgian made fiber helmet liner made in the 1950s (ABL).
Sous casque en fibre pour casque US M1


The fiber Belgian made helmet liner (ABL) is a military surplus model of compressed fiber dating back to the 1950s. It is the model that most closely resembles the original helmet liners with almost identical characteristics. This is the helmet liner that will give an authentic look to your custom helmet. Adjustable head circumference and depth.

Reproduction de sous casque type US M1


The plastic helmet liner reproduction is an entry-level manufacturing option that enables you to wear your helmet shell. Although this model bears little resemblance to the helmet liners worn by American troops during World War II, it serves as an excellent alternative for those seeking more affordable options. The head circumference and depth are both adjustable. Browse our helmet liners collection for a more personalized look.

Sous casque en fibre parachutiste pour casque US M1


Our Paratrooper version helmet comes with a pair of "A Yokes" to secure the chin strap. In addition, snaps are also added to attach the helmet shell chinstraps in the paratrooper version. Available in both plastic and fiber options. The head circumference and depth are both adjustable.

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