Comment coudre une jugulaire sur un casque US M1

How to sew a chinstrap on a US M1 helmet

The chinstrap attachment system for US M1 helmet.

During the Second World War, the chinstraps of the US M1 helmet were directly sewn on the trigger guards. It was only later that the fastening system was modified to give way to a blocking buckle system. Find out how to install a pair of chinstraps on your US M1 helmet.

US M1 helmet chinstrap sewing tutorial

The short part of the chinstrap is the one with the hook. This part attaches to the left trigger guard of the helmet when worn. The long part with the loop is on the right.

Strap passage

Pass the strap through the trigger guard paying attention to the direction of the hook. This should not be on the inner side when worn.

Passage of the chinstrap strap in the trigger guard of the US M1 helmet

Creation of the loop

Make a loop from the outside so that the end of the strap comes to stick to the trigger guard. Pleat created with the US M1 helmet chinstrap around the trigger guard This loop should measure 3 to 4 cm in length at most. The seam will be made in the center of the loop. Buckle created with the US M1 helmet chinstrap

The seam of the strap

Hold the loop to sew the three layers together. This seam can be made on a traditional sewing machine by choosing a relatively tight zig-zig weft. It is possible to go back and forth to ensure good support and a solid seam.
Sewing the US M1 helmet chinstrap with a sewing machine
Repeat the procedure with the second part of the chinstrap.
Sewing the chinstrap on the US M1 helmet

    Congratulations, you have just sewn your US M1 heavy helmet chinstrap. This seam can be made on an OD#3 or OD#7 color chinstrap.
    Side view of the chinstrap seam on the US M1 helmet
    If you are not satisfied, you can undo the seam by passing a cutter blade between the two straps and cut the threads. Remove them and repeat the sewing operation.

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