Comment identifier un casque US M1 original datant de la seconde guerre mondiale

The origins of the US M1 helmet

Everyone knows the iconic shape and silhouette of the M1 helmet made at the start of World War II. Star of war movies and inseparable element of the American soldier, this helmet has proven its effectiveness through time and conflicts. But what about the development of this famous helmet?

The idea

After the end of the First World War and the need to modify the helmet of the American soldier, the army decided to develop a new model. For the first time in 1932, the idea of a two-piece helmet was considered. Idea quickly abandoned then reconsidered at the end of the year 1940 with the new American policy which aimed to have the best equipped army in the world.

US M-1 heavy helmet placed next to an M1 liner

This helmet would allow it to be worn both in the front line with the under-helmet and the heavy helmet, as well as in the rear with the under-helmet only. The soldier would only have to put the shell of the heavy helmet on the under-helmet to be quickly operational.

The TS-3 model

This new combination of a steel helmet and an under-helmet was named model TS-3. The helmet was then subjected to further testing by the “Infantry Board” in order to comply with the specifications established by the army. The results of these tests showed that the TS-3 helmet not only had superior ballistic resistance but also better balance on the soldier's head, while guaranteeing increased protection around the head. In addition to its technical advantages, the TS-3 model in no way hindered the soldier in any firing position.

US WW2 soldier in shooting training with the M1 Garand

It was comfortable to wear and did not block the field of vision. As a result, the TS-3 model fulfills most of the objectives defined by the Infantry Board in 1940. This new helmet could withstand the penetration of a .45 caliber 230 grain bullet with a velocity of 800 feet per second. It was therefore on June 9, 1941 that the TS-3 helmet was validated and adopted by the American army, officially renaming it the “Helmet, Steel M-1”

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