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Mon Casque M1

Battle Battered 517th PRCT

Battle Battered 517th PRCT

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Discover the M1 helmet of a Combat Medic from the 551st PIB of the Second World War, with its typical unit camouflage, frontal red cross emblem, and palm tree emblem. This weathered version is part of the "Battle Battered" range and comes with its fiber liner for paratroopers (ABL) and welded fixed loops. This is the version of the M1 helmet often used to replace the M2 version with D-loops fixed bales.

The Paratroopers of the 551st PIB were proud of their independence and their unofficial motto "GOYA" ("Get Off Your Ass"), which symbolized their spirit of independence and combativeness. They were able to complete any mission, from the jungles of Panama to combat operations in France.


US WW2 infantry M1 helmet shell reproduction based on an original Austrian steel helmet shell and produced between 1975 and 1990. It features a rear rim seam and swivel loops. The helmet is equipped with reproduction chinstraps. It has been sanded and repainted in Olive Drab 7, a color used by the American army between 1936 and 1944. The shell has a granular coating thanks to the addition of cork during the painting process. The original swivel loops have been replaced with welded fixed loops.

Replica Liner

Sold with its fiber liner only.

Fiber Liner

Original Belgian compressed fiber surplus M1-style liner. Comes with a sweatband, brown leather chinstrap, neck band, and the typical frontal eyelet found on American liners. Sandblasted and completely repainted, it also has a pair of Inland-type A yokes and its leather chin cup.


2 kg


Shell: Steel
Liner: Fiber
Chinstrap: Cotton/Leather
Hardware: Metal

Keep in mind

All of our helmet shells are made of steel and are surplus military equipment. Some are over 50 years old. They may show signs of use and aging due to storage. Although they are repainted and refurbished, some evidence of their past use remains visible.


The liner is one size fits all, but can be adjusted in depth and head circumference.

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Parachutistes Américains et Britanniques durant l'opération Dragoon en 1944 dans le sud de la France proche de Le Muy

Battle Battered 517th PRCT

On November 26, 1942, the 1st Battalion of the 551st Parachute Infantry Regiment was established at Fort Kobbe in the Panama Canal Zone. It was formed from members of Company C of the 501st Parachute Infantry Battalion, with the first soldiers recruited from the Frying Pan region of Fort Benning, Georgia on October 30, 1942. They underwent parachute training at the Replacement Pool Parachute School from November to December 1942. On December 11, they left Fort Benning and traveled through Richmond before arriving at Camp Patrick Henry near Newport News, Virginia on December 13.

  • Gros plan du camouflage typique de 517th PRCT

    Battle Battered 517th PRCT paint

    The paint used on this Battle Battered version is the same as our other helmets. It is an Olive Drab color used by the US Army between 1936 and 1944. The 551st PIB insignia and the Combat Medic panel have been weathered to match the rest of the helmet shell.

  • Gros plan de la texture cork du casque lourd typique de 517th PRCT

    Battle Battered 517th PRCT texture

    The M1 infantry helmet shell was coated with a cork texture that served both practical and aesthetic purposes. The texture broke up the soldier's silhouette and reduced sun glare, providing camouflage and protection. The cork is applied with the paint, making it an integral part of the helmet's design.

  • Gros plan de la jugulaire de casque lourd typique de 517th PRCT

    Battle Battered 517th PRCT chin strap

    Reproduction of patinated infantry heavy helmet chinstraps with its raised bar buckle. They have been artificially worn and dirtied to give a worn and aged look to this 551st PIB helmet.

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Olivier Bayard
Un bien bel objet

Chouette reconstitution d'un casque d'une unité para très particulière.

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