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Mon Casque M1

Fiber Paratrooper Liner

Fiber Paratrooper Liner

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Discover our surplus compressed fiber helmet liner German made from the 1960s, an exact replica of the M1 paratrooper version used by the US Army airborne troops during World War II.

The liner has been sandblasted to remove the various layers of previous paint and then repainted with several coats of Olive Drab Indian. Equipped with its headband, OD#3 colored A Yokes Inland version, its leather chinstrap, internal snap buttons, and a leather chinstrap made by Mon Casque M1.

This liner is perfectly adapted to most US and European helmets copied from the American model, and will fit yours without difficulty. Made from quality materials and designed for the military, this liner is built to last and withstand the test of time.


380 g


Helmet: Fiber
Chinstrap: Leather
Suspension: Cotton
Hardware: Metal
Chin Cup: Leather


The liner is one size fits all, but can be adjusted in depth and head circumference.

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Parachutistes US avant un saut

Fiber Paratrooper Liner

The US M1 Paratrooper version helmet liner was developed during World War II for the airborne troops of the American army. Equipped with a leather chin strap and internal snap buttons, it allowed the ends of the helmet chin strap to be fastened. Made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the test of time, this paratrooper liner has become an icon of military history.

  • Gros plan de la peinture du sous casque M1 fibre Allemand version parachutiste

    Fiber Paratrooper Liner paint

    Our paratrooper version helmet liner is coated with Olive Drab Indian paint, whose shade is based on the one used in 1942. This finish faithful to the time gives it a realistic appearance and allows it to be perfectly integrated into your collection of historical equipment.

  • Gros plan sous casque M1 fibre Allemand version parachutiste

    Fiber Paratrooper Liner texture

    Unlike the shells, our paratrooper version compressed fiber helmet liner does not have a crushed cork texture. However, it retains some visible roughness despite the different layers of paint applied. This gives it an authentic and original appearance, testifying to its military history.

  • Gros plan de la jugulaire de sous casque M1 fibre Allemand version parachutiste

    Fiber Paratrooper Liner chin strap

    Our leather chin strap is an authentic reproduction, made from genuine leather that is cut and hand-dyed. This centerpiece was entirely made by Mon Casque M1, ensuring exceptional quality of manufacture.

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