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Mon Casque M1

"Battle Battered" LCVP Driver

"Battle Battered" LCVP Driver

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Discover our Battle Battered LCVP Driver , a faithful reproduction of the helmet worn by the courageous "coxswain" of the LCVP PA30-4 during World War II. The pilots of these landing craft were responsible for transporting men and equipment to shore, facing difficult conditions.

With its "Battle Battered" appearance, this helmet commemorates the intrepid service of these coxswains on the raging waters


US WW2 infantry M1 helmet shell in steel of Austrian origin produced between 1975 and 1990. Rear strapping joint and mobile attachment bridges. Reproduction of heavy helmet chin straps color OD#3. Repainted in Olive Drab 7, a color used by the American army between 1936 and 1944, then painted with Gray US Navy paint. The hull has a grainy coating thanks to the addition of cork during the painting process.

Liner Fibre

Helmet liner surplus in compressed fiber type M1 of German origin (Wachbataillon) fully reassembled. With sweatband, brown leather chin strap and neckband. Also has the front eyelet typical of American helmet liner.


2 kg


Heavy Helmet: Steel
Chin strap: Cotton
Buckles: Brass

A Noter

All of our helmet shells are made of steel and come from military surplus. Some of them are over 50 years old. They may show traces of use and age due to storage. Although they are repainted and refurbished, some evidence of their past use remains visible.


The helmet liner is one size, it is nevertheless adjustable in depth as well as in head circumference.

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Coxwain ou pilote de LCVP durant la seconde guerre mondiale

"Battle Battered" LCVP Driver

The LCVP Driver, inspired by the heroes of the US Navy during World War II, embodies courage and determination. These sailors navigated these landing craft in perilous conditions, exposed to enemy fire and crashing waves. Their crucial role during amphibious landings, such as Normandy and the Pacific, contributed to Allied victory. LCVP pilots were intrepid professionals, facing considerable risks to quickly offload troops and supplies onto enemy beaches.

  • Peinture "Battle Battered" LCVP Driver

    The paint used on this Battle Battered version is the same as our other helmets. It is an Olive Drab color used by the US army between 1936 and 1944 then a Gray US Navy paint.

  • Texture "Battle Battered" LCVP Driver

    The texture of the "cork" is crushed and patinated in order to give a worn effect to the helmet. This is an aspect found on the original US M1 helmets.

  • Jugulaire "Battle Battered" LCVP Driver

    The chinstrap of the heavy helmet is a reproduction made by Mon Helmet M1 with woven strap copied from the model of the time. The metal buckles are of post-war military origin.

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