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"Battle Battered" Stahlhelm M40 Normandy

"Battle Battered" Stahlhelm M40 Normandy

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Immerse yourself in the heart of History with our limited edition helmet, the "Battle Battered Stahlhelm M40 Normandy" . Faithful reproduction of the iconic helmet and its two-tone camouflage worn by German troops during the Second World War during the Normandy campaign .

Find the standard version of the Stahlhelm M40 here .

*Size 3: 60-61 cm head circumference


Bearing the stories of the Battle of Normandy, our M40 helmet is adorned with two-tone camouflage paint. A finish of unparalleled historical precision which gives an incomparable touch of authenticity to your collection.


The patinated leather inside the "Battle Battered Stahlhelm M40 Normandie" helmet is more than a lining. Every fold bears witness to history, the worn comfort transporting those who wear it into an authentic immersion of the military past.


2 kg


Shell: Steel
Chin strap: Leather
Liner: Leather
Inner Band: Metal
Buckle: Metal


This helmet corresponds to our size 3, ideal for head circumferences measuring between 60 and 61 cm. Make sure you choose the perfect size for a comfortable and fitted wearing experience.

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Soldats Allemands portant leurs casques M40 en Normandie

"Battle Battered" Stahlhelm M40 Normandy

The German M40 helmet, a later evolution worn by the Wehrmacht during World War II, embodies Germany's military heritage. Equipped with stamped vents replacing rivets, this helmet maintains its authentic comfort thanks to the leather interior. Today, the M40 is highly sought after by military history buffs and collectors, bearing witness to a crucial era. This helmet remains an iconic symbol of German military power, captivating fans around the world.

  • Gros plan du camouflage Normandie deux tons du casque Allemand Battle Battered M40

    Peinture "Battle Battered" Stahlhelm M40 Normandy

    Steeped in the history of the Battle of Normandy, our M40 helmet features a two-tone camouflage paint job. A historically accurate finish, bringing an authentic touch to your collection.

  • Gros plan de l'intérieur du casque Allemand Battle Battered M40 camouflage Normandie deux tons

    Intérieur "Battle Battered" Stahlhelm M40 Normandy

    Carefully patinated with neatsfoot oil, our liner ensures comfort that evokes the past for your M40 helmet. An accurate replica, designed to captivate military history buffs.

  • Gros plan de la jugulaire du casque allemand Stahlhelm M40 camouglage Normandie

    Jugulaire "Battle Battered" Stahlhelm M40 Normandy

    With its patinated R. LARSEN BERLIN 1939 markings, our chinstrap adds a touch of authenticity to your German M40 helmet.

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