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Mon Casque M1

"Battle Battered" Winter Camouflage

"Battle Battered" Winter Camouflage

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The camouflaged M1 helmet for combat in snowy areas. Often observed during the great German offensive on the Ardennes front during the winter of 44.

*Example photos of one of our creations, the patina of your helmet will be unique and will look exactly like the model shown in the photo.


Original Austrian-made steel M1 US WW2 infantry helmet shell produced between 1975 and 1990. Rear seam and swivel chinstrap loops, Reproduction of helmet chin straps in OD#3 color. Repainted in Olive Drab 7, a shade used by the American military between 1936 and 1944. The shell features a textured finish due to the addition of cork during the painting process.

Replica Liner

Recent plastic reproduction of the M1-type helmet liner. Similar to the US M1 model, it includes a sweatband, front grommet, and a faux brown leather chin strap.

Fiber Liner

Surplus M1-type compressed fiber helmet liner, of Belgian origin (ABL). Comes with a sweatband, brown leather chin strap, and neckband. It also features the typical front grommet found on American helmet liners.


2 kg


Helmet Shell: Steel
Liner: Fiber/Plastic
Chin Strap: Cotton
Hardware: Metal

Keep in mind

All of our helmet shells are made of steel and are surplus military equipment. Some are over 50 years old. They may show signs of use and aging due to storage. Although they are repainted and refurbished, some evidence of their past use remains visible.


The liner is one size fits all, but can be adjusted in depth and head circumference.

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Soldats US avec leurs casques US M1 camouflé en blanc durant l'hiver 1944

"Battle Battered" Winter Camouflage

Winter 1944 is one of the harshest of the century, temperatures drop and the Allies feel the cold in the Ardennes forest. The German counterattack weighs heavily on the troops' morale but the lines hold. Camouflage is essential in this white and frozen environment.

  • "Battle Battered" Winter Camouflage paint

    The M1 infantry helmet is typically painted with a shade of paint that matches the US army's color from 1936 to 1944. The paint has a matte finish that gradually becomes dull over time, providing an authentic, weathered appearance, similar to the original helmets.

  • "Battle Battered" Winter Camouflage texture

    The M1 infantry helmet shell was coated with a cork texture that served both practical and aesthetic purposes. The texture broke up the soldier's silhouette and reduced sun glare, providing camouflage and protection. The cork is applied with the paint, making it an integral part of the helmet's design.

  • "Battle Battered" Winter Camouflage chin strap

    The M1 helmet's chinstrap is a replica created by Mon Casque M1, featuring a woven strap that accurately resembles the original. Although the metal buckles used in the chinstrap were produced after the war, they still provide a secure fastening to the helmet and contribute to its durability.

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Superbe réalisation.

Superbe réalisation. Travail soigné. Expédition bien emballée. Je recommande!

Torben Schatz


Arnaud Oses

Joli travail dans l'ensemble, très bon site je recommande vivement

Kenny Van Den Bergh

Top quallety al allready orderd an other one

Sacha Guillier
Casque whinter camouflage

Je fais de la requonstitution et ce casque est super bien patiner je recommande 👍👍👍👍

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