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Mon Casque M1

Vietnam "Leatherneck" - LIMITED EDITION

Vietnam "Leatherneck" - LIMITED EDITION

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The M1 helmets of the American airborne troops during the Vietnam War. Mythical helmet with its typical accessories of the conflict as well as its Mitchell type helmet cover.

Various original and reproduction accessories are also attached to the elastic around the heavy helmet.
    • ORIGINAL "MITCHELL PATTERN HELMET COVER" helmet cover dated 1974
    • Reproduction of patinated elastic "BAND, HELMET, CAMOUFLAGE" with box stitch
    • Can opener "CAN OPENER, P-38. STAINLESS STEEL" ORIGINAL from the firm SPEAKER
    • Patinated "DEATH CARD" playing card reproduction
    • New "DEATH CARD" playing card reproduction
    • Cleaning brush for M-16 "BOLT CLEANING BRUSH" ORIGINAL
    • Weathered sun protection net

All our helmet shells are made of steel and come from military surplus. Some of them are over 50 years old. They may show traces of use and age due to storage. Although they are repainted and refurbished, some evidence of their past use remains visible.


The under helmet is one size, it is nevertheless adjustable in depth as well as in any head.


The steel helmet shell is of Belgian origin, with a rear seam and chin strap swivel loops, repainted in matte OD (Olive Drab). The helmet is equipped with a pair of original parachutist-type Vietnam OD#7 chin straps. All metal components are marked with the "P" from the "PARISH DIVISION OF THE DANA CORPORATION."

Replica Liner

Sold with a fiber helmet liner only.

Fiber Liner

The original US liner, "LINER, SOLDIERS STEEL HELMET, 'COMBAT' TYPE 1," configured as a paratrooper version, is made of fiber and includes its original components (internal suspension, headband). The neckband has been replaced with a new US original post-Vietnam model dated 1985. It features its original cloth chin strap marked "US."


2.5 kg


Helmet: Steel
Liner: Fiber
Hardware: Metal

Keep in mind

All of our helmet shells are made of steel and are surplus military equipment. Some are over 50 years old. They may show signs of use and aging due to storage. Although they are repainted and refurbished, some evidence of their past use remains visible.


The helmet liner is one size fits all, but it is adjustable in depth and head circumference.

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Vietnam "Leatherneck" - LIMITED EDITION

The iconic M1 helmet of the American helicopter-borne soldier during the Vietnam War. With its Mitchell helmet cover, cloth chin strap, and accessories, it embodies the image of the GI during this conflict.

  • Vietnam "Leatherneck" - LIMITED EDITION paint

    This complete Vietnam-type helmet is painted using a color based on the shade used by the American military between 1936 and 1944. It has a matte finish that tends to become satin-like with time and wear, just like the original helmets.

  • Vietnam "Leatherneck" - LIMITED EDITION texture

    The M1 infantry helmet, Vietnam type, is sold with a helmet cover.

  • Vietnam "Leatherneck" - LIMITED EDITION chin strap

    The chin strap of the heavy helmet is an original American-made one by the ARISH DIVISION OF THE DANA CORPORATION. It also has snap buttons intended to be attached to the liner.

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